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What do YOU need to create?

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An Expression of you...

Looplio — the app


Looplio is a new video and photo app that lets you shoot, add music, text, images and more, edit your work, collaborate with friends, pass it on, perfect it, and then publish it for all to see.

Do it yourself...

Make long & short format movies or quick snippets you can use again and again. Looplio lets you and your friends be your own film studio—no matter where you are or what you are doing.

An easy to understand place for
your private files and work files.


A way to shoot that lets you
instantly keep all the people in your project
in the loop with access to everything.


A world-class editing environment
that lets you build great videos together.


Post to multiple platforms or just one-
or none at all. You control your work.


A creator-driven social platform that
lets you easily connect with people you
want to collaborate with.


A creative platform
that brings out the creator in you


All the different ways you can use Looplio.

Imagine what you could do with the collaborative video editing power and social expression of Looplio


What if everyone at the event could shoot and share automatically and all wedding attendees in that project have access to it all to use, re-use and create?


Collaborate with your friends there, and you can use the video they shoot, too, to build your videos.


Send one big beautiful birthday message with hundreds of friends if you like.

Music Videos

Shoot a show, along with your friends, and share the footage to edit.

Video Blogging

A great platform to start building your audience

Chicago Inno Tech Madness Final Four

"GetSet - A social edtech platform that connects incoming college freshman to peers facing similar challenges in order to curb high dropout rates. goes up against Looplio - A new social app that allows users to easily edit and share videos, as well as collaborate on projects in real-time."

Chicago inno Tech Madness

Built in Chicago

"I figured, let’s give people something powerful, simple and intuitive, that they can share with everybody, and with unlimited collaboration,” said Paul Templar, founder and CEO of Looplio. “Where it wouldn’t matter if you had five, 10 or 100 collaborators, and they could have something beautifully edited and back to them in a matter of minutes."

Built In Chicago

Chicago Inno Showcase

"In a traditionally strong market for B2B technology, Looplio is one of those rare Chicago startups focused solely on building a social app. "

Chicago Inno Showcase

For creators, by creators

About Us

We wondered why the platforms out there wanted to treat everyone like a consumer, not a creator. We designed Looplio so that everyone could have access to real creator tools to make real professional work- or just have fun.

We wanted to build something that would let artists, teachers, chefs, people getting married, music fans, real estate agents, and more easily collaborate with the people around them and build something they can really use. And along with it, a social platform that really adds value.

- Colin Davis

“Beyond the video, itself, there are some really interesting innovations here that could make a real difference.”

Emmy Award Winning producer

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